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Dancing Hen Farm is a small, family-run operation featuring organically grown vegetables and farm fresh eggs from pastured layers. We use organic growing methods and materials on our farm.

Our mission is to provide farm fresh, top quality, organically-grown produce. Our guiding values essential to this mission are sustainability, family, good nutrition and environmental stewardship.
We'll always be a small operation, allowing us to focus on quality. We will always seek to educate and mentor concerning the health benefits of organics and fresh, locally produced foods. We believe in sharing ideas and resources to benefit our customers and will always be friendly, enthusiastic and genuine in all of our endeavors.
Our background includes being born and raised in the Philadelphia region and educated at Penn State. We spent many years moving east to west, and west to east, across the country. I have been in restaurant management for over 20 years and my wife, Joan has been involved in agriculture for the same.
Our choice of farming in Columbia County is two fold; one for Joan to have a home office, and second, for me to pursue a dream of farming in the same vicinity my ancestors farmed in the early 1800’s. I retired from my restaurant management career in February of 2007 and began my farming business.
While we were searching for our farm, I interned at Red Earth Farm working with Michael Ahlert, gaining the knowledge, experience and confidence to venture out on my own. Those of you who know Michael and Charis will understand what I gained by spending the entire season working on their farm. Red Earth Farm is a first class, organic farming operation. To broaden my horizons, I also worked for John Hopkins at Forks Farm in Orangeville. I learned much about pastured poultry, grassfed beef, woodlot pork and a sense of community at Forks Farm.
We are long-standing members of PASA, the Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture, and have enjoyed the many resources and friends we have made through this valuable resource.
Don Hess, Dancing Hen Farm
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