Locally grown, farm fresh foods using organic methods

CSA produce list

Colorful produce from Dancing Hen Farm.

Full share members receive a variety of 10 fresh vegetables and herbs each week. Partial share members receive 6. Availability times and amounts may vary based on seasonal weather fluctuations beyond the farm's control.

Fresh vegetables

Crop Quantity When
Arugula 6-8 oz bag Spring & fall
Beans, snap 1 lb bag Jul-Sep
Beans, wax 1 lb bag Jul-Sep
Beans, edemame 3 plants Jul-Aug
Beets, red or sugar 1.5 lb bunch Jun-Nov
Bok choy 1 head Jun-Nov
Broccoli 1 lb Oct-Nov
Broccoli, rabe 8-12 oz bunch Fall
Cabbage 1 head Spring and fall
Cabbage, chinese 1 head Spring & fall
Carrots 1 lb bunch Oct & Nov
Cauliflower 1 head Oct-Nov
Celery 1 head Sep-Oct
Celeriac 1 lb Oct-Nov
Cucumbers 4 pieces Jul & Aug
Eggplant, italian 2 pieces Jul-Sep
Eggplant, asian 3 pieces Jul-Sep
Endive 8 oz bag Fall
Escarole 1 head Jun-Nov
Fennel 2 heads Jul-Oct
Greens, collard 1.5 lb bunch Sep-Nov
Kale, curly 1.5 lb bunch Jun-Nov
Kale, lacinato 1 lb bunch Jun-Nov
Kale, red Russian 1 lb bunch Jun-Nov
Kohlrabi 1 lb Oct-Nov
Leeks 4-5 stems Jul-Nov
Lettuce, romaine 1 head Spring & fall
Lettuce, bibb 1 head Spring & fall
Lettuce, leaf 1 head Spring & fall
Mustard greens 1 lb bunch Spring & fall
Okra 1 lb Late Jul & Aug
Onions, sweet 5-6 bunched Jun-Aug
Onions, cooking 4-5 pieces Jun-Nov
Parsnips 1.5 lbs Oct-Nov
Peas, shelling 1 quart Jun
Peas, snow 1 quart Jun
Peas, sugar 1 pint Jun
Peppers, hot 1 pint Jul-Oct
Peppers, sweet bell 4-5 pieces Jul-Oct
Peppers, sweet frying 5-6 pieces Jul-Oct
Potatoes 2 lb bag Jul-Nov
Potatoes, new 1-lb bag Jul
Radicchio 1 head Fall
Radishes 0.5 lb bunch Spring & fall
Radish, daikon 1.5 lb bag Fall
Rutabagas 2.0 lb Oct-Nov
Salad greens 6-8 oz bag Spring & fall
Salad greens, spicy 6-8 oz bag Spring & fall
Scallions 8-12 oz Jun-Jul
Shallots 8 oz Aug-Nov
Sorrel 8-12 oz bunch Jun
Spinach 8-12 oz bag Spring & Oct
Squash, summer/zucchini 3-4 pieces Jun-Aug
Squash, summer/patty pan 4-5 pieces Jun-Aug
Squash, winter/delicata 2 pieces Oct & Nov
Squash, winter/acorn 1 piece Oct & Nov
Squash, winter/butternut 1 piece Oct & Nov
Sweet potatoes 2 lb bag Oct & Nov
Swiss chard 1 lb bunch Jun-Nov
Tomatillos 1 pint Jul-Aug
Tomatoes, heirlooms 1.5 lb bag Jul-Aug
Tomatoes, slicing 1.5 lb bag Jul-Sep
Tomatoes, plum 1.5 lb bag Jul-Sep
Tomatoes, cherry 1 pint Jul-Sep
Turnips, baby white 1 lb bunch Jun & Sep-Nov
Turnips, Gilfeather 1.5 lb bag Oct-Nov

Fresh herbs

Herb Quantity Harvest
Basil 4-6 oz bunch Jun-Sep
Chives 3-4 oz bunch Jun
Cilantro 3-4 oz bunch Spring & fall
Dill 3-4 oz bunch Jun-Oct
Garlic & scapes 8 oz Jul-Nov
Mint 4-6 oz bunch Jun-Oct
Oregano 3-4 oz bunch Aug-Oct
Parsley, curly 3-4 oz bunch Jun-Nov
Red hen walking through the grass

Eggs from
pastured layers

You receive a dozen every other week throughout the season when you purchase an optional egg share.

Our hens eat bugs and green leaves and lay delicious eggs with rich, orange yolks.

Chicken shares

Receive one whole chicken (approximately 5 - 6 pounds), and two half chickens, every four weeks during the growing season, for a total of six deliveries.

Plus other locally grown foods as available

In adddition to the produce, herbs and eggs listed above, we'll let you know each week about additional local foods that are available. These could include other produce, fruit and apple cider.

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