Locally grown, farm fresh foods using organic methods

About Our CSA

CSA season

18 weeks, June through October.

Membership fee

See our share options and prices.


What foods are available?

Two varieties of eggplant, with potatoes, and small green onions.

Which items will I receive?

Your items will be based on availability and quality. We'll do our best to provide variety in every share. We'll let you know at each delivery items you can anticipate receiving the next week. For quantities and harvest times for the items you'll receive, see our produce list.

We are offering a choice CSA membership, where you'll choose the contents of your share box from a list of available items. If you prefer, you may skip placing your order and we, the farmers, will determine which items you receive.

Delivery locations

Become a delivery coordinator or market helper

We're always looking for people to help as delivery site coordinators or at one of our farmers' markets. Contact us if you're interested in helping out in any of these ways.

Special events at the farm

During the year we'll also offer potluck meals at the farm. We'll notify you of these events as they come up.

What is CSA – Community supported agriculture

At our farm
We overplant by 100% to prepare for losses. Should we ever suffer a crop loss, we'll attempt to replace it with fresh organicaly-grown produce from nearby growers. Should we ever have trouble meeting the delivery schedule or supplying the full number of share items, we'll let you know ASAP.

We're always happy to have you visit and help on the farm. This could be one visit or a more regular, scheduled commitment. If you're interested in helping out, or exchanging farm labor for a reduction in your share fee, give us a call.

To learn more about community supported agriculture see these links.

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