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Join Us: Year 2020 Summer CSA
Our Summer CSA is an 18-week CSA, June through October. More information about our offerings may be found on our CSA page and on our page containing Summer CSA detail.
Main Shares
18 weeks of farm-fresh goodness
Full Share with Choice - Summer

10 items weekly, feeds 3 or 4. You pick the contents of your full share from a list of available items.
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Partial Share with Choice - Summer

6 items weekly, feeds 2 or 3. You pick the contents of your full share from a list of available items.
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Extras Shares
For when you crave more
Buyer's Club - Summer

A deposit is required, which will be used to purchase farm fresh items, at market prices, throughout the growing season. Refunds will not be issued for unused funds. Note: You must order a main share (full or partial) to purchase this share.
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OnLine Market

This is a declining balance share. Members choosing this share will be able to pick items weekly. Items will be priced at farm market prices. Delivery will be on Wednesdays to our designated drop sites in Forty Fort, Dallas, and Bloomsburg with Farm pick up available also. We will offer Sunday pick up at the Crestwood High School Farm Market for our Mt. Top and Drums area members. Note: Owners of this share cannot purchase egg shares or chicken shares, but may purchase these items at our market.
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Add-On Shares
Don't forget poultry products
Chicken Share - Summer

The Chicken Share will consist of 5 deliveries for the season. Deliveries will start week 1, then approx. every 4 weeks afterwards. The last delivery will also include a free stew hen. Each delivery will include one whole chicken and two 1/2 chickens. Delivery will in a labeled cooler. The cost of this share includes deliveries.
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Egg Share - Summer

One dozen pastured eggs every other week starting week 1, total of 10 dozen. Available only with purchase of any full or partial share. The cost of this share includes delivery.
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